Sandwich Trays with Lids: A New Dimension to Platter Disposable Solutions for Your Everyday Needs

Key Takeaways:

  • Our sandwich trays with lids are perfect for serving a variety of foods.
  • Appreciate the clever design of our trays, complete with a clear lid, non-slip base, and high dome lid for extra space.
  • See how our trays are useful for all sorts of occasions, from fancy weddings to chilled camping trips.
  • We'll share handy tips on how to present your food and transport trays without any fuss.
  • We'll guide you on how to use the lids and stack the trays easily and securely.
  • Do your bit for the planet with our environmentally-friendly sandwich trays, made from recycled rPET food-grade plastic.
  • Choose sustainability with our reusable and recyclable trays, helping you live a green lifestyle.
  • With our brand and our trays, you get practicality, style, and a nod to the environment.

Effortless Hosting with Our Sandwich Trays

Let's talk about our sandwich trays, crafted with your needs at heart. They're smooth, black and have a see-through lid, brilliant for letting your guests eye up the scrumptious grub inside, all while keeping it fresh.

Got a whopper of a cake or a stack of sarnies to dish up? Not a problem! Our high dome lid has plenty of room. And our trays are not just practical, they're pretty dapper with a sleek gloss finish, making your food look as good as it tastes. Easy to stack and store, they make the tidy-up a doddle.

So, for a handy and good-looking way to serve up your food, give our sandwich trays with lids a go. They're your ace in the hole for easy-peasy hosting.

What to put inside our platter black trays?

Savoury Bites

First up, our catering trays are spot on for sandwiches. Any type of sandwich fits, whether it's egg mayo, tuna or chicken. No worries about fillings falling out. They can snugly fit all sorts, from sandwich triangles to finger sandwiches, rolls and wraps.

Sweet Delights

Our sandwich trays with lids are not just for your savoury bits, they're brilliant for sweets and puds too. You could use them to display your pastries, muffins or biscuits. The disposable trays keep all your sweet treats fresh and prevent them from getting squashed. So, when it comes to sweet treats, our trays are top notch.

Sandwich Catering Trays for Special Events

Weddings and Engagements: Our sandwich platter trays are perfect for big moments like weddings and engagements. These events are all about looking your best, and your food should too. Our platter trays ensure your fancy finger foods, delicate canapés, or sweet petit fours look as stunning as the happy couple. And with the clear lids, guests can see the delicious food before they even lift the lid, adding a mouth-watering touch to the romance and celebration of the day. So, while love is in the air, let our trays take care of the fare, making your special day memorable and tasty

Birthdays and Baby Showers: Birthdays and baby showers are a riot of joy, and our sandwich trays are your secret to a fuss-free party. Just imagine a tray filled with rainbow cupcakes at a kiddo's birthday or delicate finger sandwiches at a baby shower. The little ones will be thrilled, and the grown-ups will love how easy it is to serve. The clear lid ensures your goodies stay as fresh as the cheer and chuckles of the celebration. So, let our trays enhance the merriment and tasty treats, keeping your party buzzing with delight and deliciousness.

Garden Parties: We all cherish our summer garden parties, don't we? Our sandwich trays are just the ticket for these joyful occasions. Be it classic cucumber sandwiches or a delightful Victoria sponge cake, our trays let you display your nibbles with elegance. Easy to handle and showcasing your treats through the clear lids, our trays ensure your food stays fresh while letting your guests pick their favourites with ease."

Picnics: Planning a sunny day out with a picnic? Our sandwich trays with lids are just the ticket. They're a bit like your reliable picnic basket, but better. They'll look after your sandwiches, fruit, or biscuits while you hunt for the perfect spot under a tree. No fussing over squashed sarnies or crumbled crisps. And when it's time to eat, just whip off the lid. You'll have food that's fresh and tempting, looking like it's just been made. So, load up your picnic with our trays and enjoy your day, easy as pie.

Corporate Meetings: Our sandwich trays with lids are just what you need for corporate meetings or business conferences. Picture this: you're in a meeting that's running over lunch. Instead of the usual chaos of food boxes and wraps, you see neat platter black trays full of different sandwiches, wraps, and pastries. You can grab what you want without any mess. And their sophisticated look matches the formal atmosphere.And when the meeting's done, clean-up is easy. So, for your next business event, choose our trays. They'll keep the meeting classy and the food tasty.

BBQ Get-Togethers: When the barbecue's hot and ready, our buffet trays step up for the job. They're ace for holding your potato salad, coleslaw, corn on the cob, and all your grilled bits. Everything stays fresh and appetising, ready for when your pals are up for a nibble.

Farmers Markets: Sell at the local farmers market, do you? Our trays could be right up your street. Picture your stall kitted out with these tidy trays, showing off your homemade sandwiches, tempting pastries, or fresh-as-a-daisy fruit. Our lidded sandwich trays keep your goods fresh as a daisy and let folks get a good gander at what's up for grabs. They even give your stall a pro touch and a friendly look. So if you're trading at the market, give our trays a whirl. They'll spruce up your stall's look and keep your fare fresh and moreish.

Holiday Parties: Whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, or Easter, our trays are just the ticket for sorting out your holiday food. Show off your festive biscuits, snacks, or starters in style. The clear lids keep your goodies in view while staying fresh. Plus, these trays make dishing up and clean-up a breeze. So, you can focus more on merry-making and less on the munchies.  So, you can focus more on the fun and less on the food. Everyone will love the look, and you'll love the simplicity. It's a sure-fire win for holiday fun.

Camping Trips: Off for a bit of camping, are we? Our sandwich trays with lids are a cracking choice. They're spot on for keeping your food safe from bugs, dirt and whatever else the great outdoors throws at you. From your morning butties to your evening marshmallows, these trays can hold all your camping nosh. Pop on the lid, lob them in your cool box, and off you go. So, get your gear together, head out, and enjoy no-hassle meals under the stars with our handy trays. It's camping made easy peasy, and scrummy too.

Simply put, no matter the event you're planning, our sandwich trays with lids can make it easier and more stylish. They keep your food safe, fresh, and appetising, ensuring that your guests have an excellent culinary experience.